Synergy Erotic Revamps Packaging Design

SAN FRANCISCO — Adult toy manufacturer Synergy Erotic has implemented a new packaging design.

Moving on from traditional clamshells, Synergy Erotic will debut an ovoid shape that offers full few of the item inside. It also features hang tabs that allow each item to hang strong on any slat-wall or rack display, and a translucent outer “skin.”

“Our new packaging was inspired by the hair care industry, companies that spend enormous sums developing exquisite packaging that is clean, cohesive, bright and with contrast that draws the eye,” Synergy Erotic CEO Bob Wolf said. “Our clamshells have been bright and consistent, but after countless trips to retailers around the country I realized that although our clamshells and artwork have a familial look throughout the line, our products were lost in the sea of competition.”

Though the new packages feature a unique oval shape, all Synergy packaging will continue to be sized to cleanly fit the traditional three-inch slat-wall units common throughout the adult retail industry.

“Retailers are beset by other manufacturers producing packaging that’s far too large, wasting space and money regardless of whether you’re a distributor, brick and mortar or mail-order retailer,” Wolf said. “Throughout Synergy’s young lifespan our distributors have continually given us feedback, and one consistent theme we’ve heard is ‘stand apart from the competition.’ With this redesign, we can give our distributors something to really push and stand behind.”

Synergy also has printed universal icon clearly stating on the package the selling points of each item, including material used and whether or not the toy is waterproof. The company also has implemented a gender-neutral design.

“Eliminating the oft-used scantily clad model we have earned the loyalty of women — our target audience — and a target audience that responds faithfully to bright, colorful artwork,” Wolf said. “Synergy Erotic was formed on the basis of developing an aesthetic befitting every retail environment, from a small lingerie boutique in a mall to a hardcore adult bookstore with an arcade, and even from a hands-on home party host to a mail-order house.”