Diabolic Eyes New Slate of Parodies

David Maxwell
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Diabolic Video announced plans to begin production on several parodies that are due to release in 2011. The first title will be the “Official Californication Parody” coming in January.

The studio also plans to produce parodies of other popular TV shows including current FX hit “Official Sons of Anarchy Parody,” cult classic “Official Tales From the Crypt Parody,” “Official Jerry Springer Parody,” and “Official America’s Most Wanted Parody.” Due to the success of the first two “Official Bounty Hunter Parodies,” Diabolic will also shoot the third installment, the company said.

Diabolic also revealed plans to release parodies of popular Hollywood films including a spoof of “The Wrestler” entitled “Official The Wrestler Parody." It also will produce the “Official American Psycho Parody.”

Diabolic said it aims to capture the audience that already enjoys gritty and darker television shows and films by creating parodies to provide fans with suspenseful plot lines and hot sex.

Production for the “Official Californication Parody” begins in November.