Elite Male Platinum Releases New Visconti Triplets Film

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. — Elite Male Platinum is rolling out the fourth film in its popular Visconti Triplets series with the release of "Bell Boys."

"'Bell Boys' is the first title released this year from the Triplets, and is by far the hottest, and sexiest of the four as they are just allot more comfortable with the cameras," Elite Male owner Michael said. "They were a it shy at first, but since have become very comfortable, which is coming through in their performances with each film, especially 'Bell Boys.'"

A spokesman for the Visconti Triplets said of the latest edition to their growing brand, "The triplets popularity has just skyrocketed over the last year, and without having released anything in that time the reception of this film has just been overwhelming."

The spokesman added, "We hope to be able to keep the film in stock, as well their other films since this release has brought a renewed interest in the other three films that proceeded this one."

Michael concluded, "With the Berlin Venus Fair getting ready to kick off the season in Europe, the timing couldn't be better for this, since they won the best European Film award last year for their huge hit film "Trained To Obey," and we're looking at this new one with even higher expectations."

In other news Elite Male has launched a portal for exclusive information about the brothers at ViscontiTriplets.com, a new membership site.

To order "Bell Boys," email paul@inxcess.com.