Liberator Releases Limited Edition Heart Wedge

Ariana Rodriguez
ATLANTA — Liberator has released the limited edition Heart Wedge for the upcoming winter holiday season.

The Heart Wedge is a more compact version of Liberator’s classic Wedge shape. Its design blends aesthetic appeal with functionality, the company said.

Created from contoured furniture grade foam, the heart shape is ergonomically designed to fit a person’s backside for positioning under the pelvis. The foam support also features a gentle incline that allows for deeper penetration and G-spot positioning.

Available for a limited time only, Liberator’s Heart Wedge is covered in lush velvety fabric in deep merlot red, and can serve as an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, Christmastime, for both Liberator collectors and first-time buyers.

The Liberator Heart Wedge is now available for limited wholesale distribution during the 2010 Winter Holiday Season. For sales, call (866) 542-7283, or email