BeaMonstar Sponsoring Bijou Theater’s 40th Anniversary Party

Ariana Rodriguez
CHICAGO — BeaMonstar Products will help Bijou Video and the Bijou Theater and Sex Club celebrate four decades of sex with a sponsorship of Bijou’s 40th anniversary party taking place Jan. 22 in Chicago.

BeaMonstar Products President Jeff Bolanos said that the sponsorship signifies BeaMonstar’s support of the GLBT community, and all sexual lifestyles.

“With all the current media coverage of the sudden increase of gay teen suicides incited by bullying and the controversy surrounding gays in the military, BeaMonstar Products would like to extend our support of the gay community, who have to stand courageously against discrimination,” Bolanos said. “The Bijou Theater has stood strong for 40 years, and we at BeaMonstar applaud them and are more than happy to align ourselves with their successful brand.”

Bijou founder Steven Toushin, has been operating the theater continuously since 1969 as a sex-positive gay erotica resource for local Chicago men as well as for customers seeking classic gay erotic video worldwide.

"A gay porn theater and sex club in business 40 years: ‘Impossible! Unheard of!’ Most businesses don't last half as long,” Toushin said. “I gotta tell ya it's been a-hell-of-a-ride through the busts by the federal government, the Internet, and I have no idea how I've done it. What I do know is that I'm so very proud that Bijou has serviced, given sexual satisfaction to over five and a half million gay men in its 40 years.”

The 40th anniversary party will feature a brief retrospective of Bijou Video and gay sex, in addition to prizes and giveaways.

BeaMonstar Products will supply free samples for attendees.

BeaMonstar said that as further proof of the company’s support of all lifestyles, it also is sponsoring a string of appearances by 2010 XBIZ Tranny of the Year Wendy Williams at an alternative club in West Virginia, with additional information to be released in the future.