Webmaster Central Launches Secure XML Gateway

DRUMS, Pa. — Webmaster Central announced it has increased its options by providing webmasters with some new features.

The company said that all of its content is now 100 percent mobile compatible and works with more than 100 mobile devices including the IPad/iPod and Playstation 3.

"We have also changed the look of the content," the company said.

"While still offering the traditional theaters, we also offer an array of different delivery systems that will work with any content management system."

The company said there are two major ways Webmaster Central is delivering content.

"It can be white labeled for you to match your site perfectly using one of a variety of CSS templates for you to choose from," the company said.

"We also offer a Secure XML gateway that gives the webmaster 100 percent control of the content using their own player and content playing on their own page."

The company said the secure XML gateway also provides metadata of the scene such as thumbnail, scene duration, title and niche and gives webmasters control to play whatever scene/niche they choose in either web or mobile format.

The features include straight, gay or tranny, ability to be used in VOD-style sites, ability to link specific video and others.