JeJoue Introduces 'Ami' Progressive Kegel Exercise System

LONDON — Luxury sex toy innovator JeJoue has released its third product, Ami, a three-step set of pubococcygeus (aka PC) muscle exercisers designed to enhance personal pleasure and fortify female function in three simple steps.

JeJoue said it took cues from the best medical and pleasure products on the market to create a unique PC workout program using three different tools, each designed for a different level of vaginal fitness.

Ami 1 is a large, soft and lightweight single ball for beginners. Ami 2 is a medium sized double ball that’s soft yet slightly heavier. Ami 3 is a small, hard and heavy double ball made for experienced users.

"When a woman squeezes and clenches her PC muscles during intercourse, she enhances sensation not only for her but also her partner," said Alicia Relles, JeJoue's North America sales and marketing manager. "Sensitivity is enhanced exponentially while orgasms become more intense and easier to achieve. Each move also prepares the vagina for natural physiological changes, but the best part? Ami balls feel so good inside; she can leave them inserted all day long. She'll never think of it as exercise!"

Ami weights are coated in silicone and made of ABS plastic, featuring strong yet flexible removal cords and a squeezable surface, ideal for the exercise techniques responsible for strengthening the PC muscles.

"Ami is JeJoue's unique 'tease while you tone' PC muscle exercise system that lets the user set her own pace with three different steps," Relles said.

Ami is available in JeJoue's signature Purple silicone and packaged in a black, ribbon-tied gift box and has a MSRP of $39.

Ami 1 weighs 1.65 ounces with a 1.41-inch diameter. Ami 2 weighs in at 2.75 ounces with a diameter of 1.25 inches, while Ami 3 boasts 3.73 ounces and just 1.1 inches around.