Jeff Rosenberg Tapped by DatingGold as Gay Project Manager

Rhett Pardon
STOCKTON, Calif. — Affiliate program DatingGold is ramping up in the gay space with a redesign of its current offering and an announcement that it has tapped industry veteran Jeff Rosenberg to lead its gay initiative.

Rosenberg, previously chief of marketing for the social network site, also will launch new products.

“We are very excited to bring Jeff on board to head this new division,” said AK, DatingGold’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We’ve had requests from affiliates for gay dating.

“The gay market is very different than the straight market. For long-term member retention, you can’t just reskin the straight version of your sites and appeal to a gay audience. Jeff brings the business and life experiences to create this new suite of offerings.”

Rosenberg is slated to creating substantial changes to DatingGold’s current offering of products that will include the launch of a new dating site.

The sales team will work to ensure any transition from current promotions to is as seamless as possible for affiliates already promoting the site, AK said.

“I’m thrilled to work with the team at DatingGold,” Rosenberg said. “They impressed me with their reputation in the industry and the backend technology.

"The resources in staff and technology will allow us to create a group of sites that will not only serve the requests from affiliates but also develop a fun, entertaining and interactive user experience.

"We will be producing a dating program that I will be proud to be a member of as well.”

Rosenberg also has worked as gay account manager at Traffic Dude, AVN and at Specialty Publications, working on Men, Freshmen and Unzipped.