3D Amazements Releases ‘Erotek Dimensions 3D’ on Blu-ray 3D

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. — 3D Amazements has announced the release of "Erotek Dimensions 3D" on Blu-ray 3D Nov. 16.

The company said it showcases nude visuals with high production values and described it as a "whimsical sci-fi porn satire" starring Doria, former host of Playboy TV's "Night Calls."

Taking place in a cyber-science DNA laboratory, Doria (the scientist) conjures up holographic couples to act out her sexual fantasies, the company said.

“I’ve long considered 3D to be the future of entertainment and not just a fad,” said Nicholas Scot, creator of "Erotek Dimensions 3D."

“It’s an exciting time as filmmakers, electronics manufacturers and audiences around the world are embracing 3D. 'Erotek Dimensions 3D' offers a unique and affordable entry of compelling stereoscopic content into the Blu-ray 3D arena”.

The company will be selling the Blu-ray 3D disc for $17.95.

But 3DAmazements.com is now offering, for a limited time, a presale price of $12.95 for U.S. and Canadian preorders.