Vanessa Blue's 'VB LIVE' Is Available Today

Lyla Katz
LOS ANGELES — Vanessa Blue streets "VB LIVE" on Oct. 22, featuring three hours of solo-Blue scenes.

Captured from real-chat sessions with fans, Blue said this DVD was made for her fans.

"My fans will love this movie," Blue said.

"I have had a lot of people asking me for solo scenes so I decided to release a movie dedicated to those fans that want to share a more intimate moment with me."

Blue said that she is mostly known for sex scenes with other performers.

"There really hasn't been many solo scenes of me," she said. "A lot of fans don't always want to see sex, sometimes they like to fantasize they are one on one with you. With 'VB LIVE' you really feel like you are right in the same room with me. There are 10 scenes with everything from squirting to foot fetish to penetration."

In November, Blue is planning a redesign and relaunch of her flagship site

She will also be releasing her first-ever DVD series "Girls Cum Too" and "Domina X" starring Gianna Michaels, Sara Jay, Michelle Mclaren and others.

"Domina X" is the first time I have ever worked with Gianna Michaels," Blue said. "It has the most intense cat-fight scene I have ever done. Gianna Michaels actually busted my lip during it."

"VB LIVE" is distributed by Justin Slayer International.