Sextronix Is Newest ASACP Corporate Sponsor

Bob Johnson
LOS ANGELES — The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) announced that affiliate and membership site producer Sextronix has become its newest corporate sponsor.

Sextronix has been a leading site provider to webmasters since 1996.

“We have been looking for a great solution to help protect kids from accessing any of our adult site. After doing research we came across ASACP and liked what the association has done in the past, and are now doing today to protect kids from accessing adult websites, while fighting against those that show CP,” a Sextronix spokesperson said.

“Once we saw all that ASACP does to protect children from accessing porn, we decided to become a corporate sponsor in the cause of fighting CP and making the Internet a safer place for kids,” the spokesperson added. “Sextronix and ASACP are a perfect match.”

ASACP CEO Joan Irvine said, “We are thrilled to welcome Sextronix as our newest corporate sponsor. We had a meeting in Amsterdam and they moved very quickly through the process.”

She added, “We are grateful for Sextronix commitment to child protection by not only their ASACP financial support, but by following our best practices. ASACP has been focused on expansion into Europe and Sextronix is the first new European sponsor since the two trade shows last month. Their support demonstrates that international companies understand the benefits of ASACP and RTA.”

More information from ASACP.