Madelyn Marie: Interview With the Katwoman

Dan Miller
LOS ANGELES — Madelyn Marie would like to give something back to the community when she finishes performing in adult movies.

“My main goal is to help with the health-care end. I would love to be a non-profit physician for AIM,” says Marie, the Bluebird Films contract star who is on track to graduate from medical school in 2012.

Marie already intends to use her current notoriety for something meaningful, telling XBIZ she plans to auction off the custom-made cat suits she wore as Katwoman in “Bat FXXX” and donate the funds to charity.

“I had a suit for every scene I did because the suits were so hot and sticky and just dry-cleaning them was a pain,” she says. “I have a suit with a crotch and then a suit without a crotch for each and every scene.

“So we’re working on that right now to try to figure out what cause will actually take the funds and how to set up the whole bidding because there are so many people that want these suits that I was wearing.”

It has been an eventful year for the 23-year-old native of Savannah, Ga., who started her porn career in mid-2008 not long after she found out that her boyfriend at the time was being unfaithful. She describes her first year and a half in adult as “really slow,” but the pace changed dramatically in March when she signed an exclusive deal with Bluebird to become the company’s first contract girl. Less than six months later, she not only played the iconic sex kitten role in Bluebird’s elaborate parody of Hollywood’s “Dark Knight” franchise, but she also was cast as an “assassin/hitchhiking hooker” in the period epic “Bonny & Clide,” which is also receiving critical acclaim.

On the heels of making her two most talked-about movies to date, Marie on Monday was named co-host of the 2011 XBIZ Awards set for Feb. 9, 2011 in LA.

“I’ve had a few great highlights in the business, especially signing with Bluebird as their first contract girl and these huge movies coming out. In general, it’s been a good ride — a fast ride,” Marie says modestly.

With another lead role in Bluebird’s “Baberunner” already booked for 2011 and aspirations to work on the other side of the camera, it doesn’t appear that Marie’s ride will be slowing down any time soon.

In this up-close interview, Marie talks more about turning points in career, cracking the whip in "Bat FXXX" and being born in a barn.

So in "Bat FXXX," you wear four or five cat suits?

More than that. I did so many scenes for that movie I don’t even remember. And then the movie comes out and it says, ‘Ten orgy scenes!’ And I’m like, ‘No, there were so many more than that!’ [laughs]

How much dialogue did you have?

Whenever I had to say something it definitely was like a punch-line. I had a mask on and a lot of makeup and the outfit, so it kind of really did the talking for me. We had this huge bullwhip that we brought in and it was real. And it was really hard because I’d have to snap it and there would be people around and at one point we were shooting at the Bluebird mansion and when you walk in there is this huge chandelier. And one time when I snapped the whip, pieces of the chandelier fell down on [one of my co-stars]. It was a mess. With the props I had and the stunts and the special effects, I really didn’t actually have to do much talking. It was more body language and using the props properly.

How did this role compare to other things you’ve done in porn?

I’ve never been in a major feature before. I did ‘Not Married with Children XXX’ [for X-Play/LFP Video], but I was just like a dream girl in the movie. So ‘Bat FXXX’ was my first major feature which was really, really cool. And being the star of it wasn’t too bad either.

What was your role in “Bonny & Clide?”

I’m still trying to figure that out. [laughs] I was an assassin/hitchhiking hooker. The first thing I did I was on this dirt road — and [Bluebird owner] Paul Chaplin and Natasha Marley are Bonny & Clide — they pull up and her and I start flirting and we go and have sex and then they drive off and I meet up with the sheriff (Tommy Gunn). And I tell the sheriff that I just saw them.

I was like, ‘What am I for this movie?’ Because they went a step behind before they went ahead. So I didn’t even really know what my part was except for telling the sheriff that I just had sex with them. And then they finally shot the last part and I’m like, ‘Oh, I got it now.’

On the attention to detail for “Bonny & Clide:”

Everything was period. The costumes for like the sheriff and the hitmen, the cars they brought in, the guns. We had guys that actually trained everyone how to use the guns properly. The prop list was unbelievable. It was so much fun. Natasha Marley — she’s a very good friend of mine — in her first kill scene, after she dies she plays with her hair. And [director Nicholas Steele] goes, ‘You ruined it!’ …

So I think they ran through two or three more kill scenes and so much ammunition and it took an hour to make sure everyone had earplugs in. It was such a crazy day but it was fun. Bluebird does it big I’ll tell you that.

On being under contract with Bluebird:

I shot for them when they first kind of established in the U.S. I shot for them a few more times before ‘Bat Fucks’ and then I ran into Nick Steele at like a ‘positive whatever’ meeting and I was like, ‘I want a contract.’ And he was like, ‘We were waiting for you to just ask. ... We heard you didn’t want a contract.’ And I’m like, ‘Whoever said that is lying, but I want a contract.’ And that was on a Saturday night. By Monday morning I signed my contract and like no one knew. And somehow it leaked and I had agents calling me and people calling me. It was a mess.

But it’s been fun being on ground zero with them and watching them build this company that is just out of this world. Definitely I think putting porn on a different level. I haven’t seen any other companies doing it as big as they have recently.

Did you move to Los Angeles to do porn?

I did.

What was your thought process?

It was all off of revenge. I had just graduated — undergrad — and I was moving down to Florida to be with a physician that I had been dating for years because he was already practicing medicine down there and I was going to grad school there. Two days before I was to move down he accidentally sent me photos via email of him having sex with an old porn star that’s now a stripper in Miami Beach. And I kind of lost it.

I’m like, ‘I’ve been so faithful to you since I was like 17. I lost my virginity to you when I was almost 21. I’ve been the most amazing girlfriend, how could you do this?’ That’s what I’m thinking, he had no idea I knew. So I told him, ‘I’m going to postpone my trip coming down and I’m going to go up to New York and spend time with my grandparents. And we have a lake house up there.’ And he’s like, ‘OK. That’s cool.’ Really, I had gotten on the phone and made a few phone calls and gotten on the internet and done a lot of research.

And I get there, I spend time with my family of course but then I go down and I shoot for Gina Lynn and shoot for a few internet sites and then they’re like, ‘You need to go to LA.’ So I get a hold of an agency, which was A-List. September [Dawn] brings me out. I shoot a bunch of movies. I establish a name on FreeOnes. And this was all during the summer, and once I decide, ‘You know what, I can stay here. I’ve already been accepted to UCLA, it’s one of my school’s of choice. I can go to school and not have to take out another student loan. And I can do this. I can support myself. This is easy. OK, this makes perfect sense.’

So once I realize this, I text message him ‘Madelyn Marie.’ And that was about it. [laughs] And by that time my second scene in LA was with my husband (Ramon Nomar). By that time my ex was already out of the picture I realized that he was just a dirtbag anyway…I don’t know, everything just kind of fell into place. … All off of revenge.

What is your experience with horses?

I’ve been riding since I was able to keep my head up. My mother actually had me in a barn. She’s a veterinarian and decided to go and let a horse out in the middle of January, huge blizzard, slipped on some ice. Went into labor with me early. Had me in the stable. Ambulance came, whole nine yards. So I’ve been around it my entire life. I ride just about every different discipline. My big thing is imports. I do a lot of importing and selling of some of the more high-quality horses. It’s a good way to keep myself busy and it always keeps me out of trouble.

I have been teaching ever since I was able to have enough knowledge to teach. From therapy to just teaching ground manners and how to like approach a horse and walk around a horse and safety and equipment and all that good stuff. So it’s fun, a lot of fun.

How do you see the future for yourself?

Education is crucial. My mom always told me college is something that no one can take away from you. So I need to finish my education. I have a year and a half left of medical school, not even. I always want to be involved in the adult industry because it gave it me opportunities I don’t think I could’ve had anywhere else. So I’d like to give back. If AIM is still around, I’ll die trying to help them, trying to keep that foundation going. I’ll probably work for AIM or some sort of non-profit where I’m giving back to my community. It’s all about community for me. If it’s working at a soup kitchen or cooking a huge turkey and handing out food to people at the end of exits on Thanksgiving, it’s about community and to be able to give back to the industry that’s given me so much. I think that would be ideal.

On what she’ll do when she finishes performing:

Do I plan on performing for the next five or six years? Um, I don’t think so. I think that I’ll stop in like a year or two. It takes a lot out of you, especially on your body, and mentally. So, I won’t ever push it, you know. I’ll see where the industry doesn’t necessarily need me any longer and I’ll back away. I won’t be fighting it. But I love it and I will definitely work behind the camera. Nick Steele’s been teaching me so much and Brett Brando from Brazzers. He offers all the time for me to come sit on set and watch how things work.

And I have tons of camera equipment already and I’m writing scripts. So I’ll definitely be around. It’s an industry you don’t really leave forever. Somehow you’re always involved in it. My main goal is to definitely help with the health-care end. I would love to be a non-profit physician for AIM. Like on staff, 24-7. Because then I could relate. Because if a new girl comes in, and she’s overwhelmed and she doesn’t know what to do and she’s having these symptoms… I could be like, ‘Been there, done that. Take a deep breath it’s not the end of the world.’

And a lot of the physicians that you see, even if you don’t go through AIM or whatever, they can’t relate to us, and they are judgmental. So I would love for the girls and guys to not have to deal with that. So my big goal is to work in health-care, a non-profit, or AIM or the government, whatever the case may be.

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