Pacific Sun Introduces New Hardcore Site

Lyla Katz
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pacific Sun Distribution, a division of Pacific Sun Group, is now opening its doors to a new line featuring hardcore domination,

According to creative director Gavin Erlam, categories include "bareback, uncut, pissing, prison rapes and fisting."

In order to supplement its offerings, the company decided that the time is right to include offerings beyond just muscle jocks and twinks.

“We offer non-twink man-to-man domination,” Erlam said.

Pacific Sun said it does emphasize its stance on safe sex and proper testing regimens, but its mission is to serve the entire gay community for all of its porn needs.

SMGods offers online membership offerings and DVDs.

SMGods debuts its first release “Skinhead Sex Club” towards the end of October.

To see a sneak peak, go to click here.