Flava Works Sues MyVidster, 26 John Does for Infringement

Lyla Katz
CHICAGO — Flava Works announced today that it has continued its tough stance on Internet porn piracy by filing a federal lawsuit in the Northern District of Illinois against Marques Rondale Gunter, owner and operator of MyVidster.com and 26 John Does.

The company said that Marques Rondale Gunter has created a social networking website through which site members, the defendant John Does, among others, can bookmark and store files of copyrighted materials and videos directly to MyVidster and/or post links to third party websites where the files are available.

On his website, defendant Gunter promotes MyVidster as “a social video bookmarking and backup service that lets you collect, share and search your videos. You can also explore video collections from other users using MyVidster.”

“Due to MyVidster’s lack of check and balances it practically promotes copyright infringement of vast amounts of work," Flava Works CEO Phillip Bleicher said.

"It even specifically allows for adult clips of which a majority are full length videos. MyVidster then profits of our work from charging subscription fees and running their own porn ads.”

Flava Works is seeking more than $1 million in statutory and punitive damages from Marques Rondale Gunter, MyVidster.com and the 26 John Does.