Baci Lingerie Announces 'Lowest Priced Plus Size Collection in the World'

Ariana Rodriguez
MIAMI — Baci Lingerie announced today that they have concluded design on 160 styles of plus-size lingerie that will be known as the Plus Collection.

Baci Lingerie said it has finished designing and testing a variety of plus size lingerie based on the 500 styles in the company’s first collection and will launch 160 styles to be part of the Plus Collection.

Robert Rosen, chief operating officer of Baci Lingerie said, "We are excited to introduce the Plus Collection, which was created to provide an even wider range of affordable luxury and to ensure that Baci Lingerie has a style of lingerie for every woman. Our goal, which is the primary focus of our main investor, is to provide the most beautifully designed high quality and best presented lingerie for the lowest price so that every woman in the world has the chance to experience our affordable luxury. The styles will be available end of January 2011, with styles retailing for mostly the same price, if not lower, than our main first collection.”

“The most shocking and revolutionary part about Baci Lingerie’s Plus Collection is that they will not charge higher prices for our plus size line like many other company are doing in the market.” Rosen states, “We will work with even lower markups from our side than charging our higher production costs.”

With Baci Lingerie price points for the Plus Collection being the same, if not lower than its first collection, there is very little, if any, competition at all in the plus-size market, the company said.

In the past five months Baci Lingerie says it has been testing and developing, on the biggest online platform for erotic toys and in the world (based in Europe with over 3,600,000 customers), which styles of plus size lingerie will be top sellers and compiling consumer feedback to determine where any flaws, if any, exist.

After analyzing every feedback Baci Lingerie finalized the Plus Collection to 160 styles of pure plus size top sellers. Rosen said, “We devote a tremendous about of resources to make sure we provide exact what the consumer wants. I have never heard of a lingerie company doing that kind of research and so they can guarantee 100 percent consumers satisfaction.”

Baci Lingerie said it is looking forward to meeting new partners and developing new relationship at the Venus show and future upcoming shows. “We invite all interested parties to come share and explore the Baci Lingerie experience,” the company said.