ePassporte Issues New Statement to Account Holders

Lyla Katz
SANTA MONICA, Calif. — ePassporte has issued a new statement on its website to account holders, saying wallet wires are expected to go out on or before Oct. 18.

It said, “St. Kitts Bank has announced that Visa cards have been reactivated and funds are available to be withdrawn as of Oct. 7. If you have funds on your Virtual Visa card, please use your Visa Electron card at ATMs or Points of Sale Merchant locations. You can also use your Visa Virtual card for online purchases.”

The message said if a card is not working or assistance is required, please contact SKNANB at Sknanb.com.

The message also stated that dozens of emails are being sent to Gregory Elias or United Bank, individuals and entities that are no longer employed or contracted by ePassporte and therefore, they can’t answer any requests.

“If you have funds on your ePassporte Wallet account, we kindly ask that you direct all correspondence to one address: walletrequests@epassporte.com. Please be patient with us during this time as we have encountered a large number of fraudulent requests and are working with a small staff to review accounts manually.”

The message read ePassporte is working diligently to get this resolved.

“Once again, we regret the inconvenience and problems not having access to your funds has caused. We ask for your continued patience as we sort through the many issues with the Bank and Visa as well as our Fraud Prevention System.”