Sweet Sinner’s ‘The Babysitter Vol. 2’ Streets Tomorrow

Ariana Rodriguez
MONTREAL — Sweet Sinner’s “The Babysitter: Volume 2” releases on DVD tomorrow from Mile High Media.

The thriller stars Elexis Monroe, Rocco Reed, Michelle Lay, Zoey Holloway and Mark Wood, and is directed by Nica Noelle.

According to the company, “The Babysitter: Volume 2” is a dark, suspenseful tale of lust and deception. In the movie Rocco Reed plays a young psychology major who answers Michelle Lay's ad for a babysitter. Charmed by his intelligence and intoxicating sex appeal, Michelle gives him the job and immediately begins fantasizing about him. Little does Michelle know that Rocco's past holds terrible secrets, and everything he's told her is a lie.

“There is a really exciting parallel between fear and arousal,” Noelle said. “It’s why many women are attracted to bad boys, and why horror films always have a healthy dose of T and A. Our physiological response to both is similar, which is why adding suspense to ‘The Babysitter: Volume 2’ increases the resulting feelings of sexual stimulation, whether you’re watching the movie alone or with someone.”

The company said that what sets Sweet Sinner titles apart from others is the real sex and real orgasms that’s captured in scenes filmed in their entirety.

“The success in our Sweet Sinner titles lies in the real sex scenes,” Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt said. “Often Nica has to re-teach performers how to have sex. They’re so used to engaging in cinematic positions unlike what really happens in the bedroom, but once the performers learn how to once again be intimate with each other, the chemistry shows through. The intimacy travels beyond the screen and draws viewers in as well, making Sweet Sinner’s movies a one of a kind experience.”