Flava Works Awarded $350,000 in 2 Infringement Suits

Lyla Katz
MIAMI — Flava Works has been awarded default judgments of more than $350,000 in two copyright infringement suits that were filed by the company earlier this year.

The company won a default judgment and permanent injunction against Taron Wyche of DGSource.com, which operates Gairoo.com, LookLurk.com and Lil Giant Productions.

Flava Works also sued and won a second default judgment against Rod Hughes, Honey Wood and IStackPorn.net.

In the IStackPorn.net case, Flava Works not only sued Hughes, but also Wood, who funded Rod Hughes’ website hosting and domain purchase.

The company said other lawsuits are planned against copyright and trademark infringers to stop Internet piracy and put an end to the rampant stealing of Flava Works’ copyrighted material.

“For too long, torrent and tube sites have been pilfering the sites of hard working adult entertainment companies and the time has come to shut them down,"Flava Works CEO Phillip Bleicher said.

"Until recently, only a handful of adult content producers have bothered to take serious legal action against these blatant infringers. Today, Flava Works has declared that it will be joining the ranks of these brave and committed few, while encouraging others to follow suit, so that we may hopefully all join forces soon to shut these pirates down for good.”