Xposed Expos Propositions Pamela Anderson to Host VIP Lingerie Party

MIAMI — Miami Xposed Expo said it is currently talking with Pamela Anderson's agent for her to host its VIP Lingerie Party in Miami Beach Feb. 25–27.

“Anderson will attract a more sophisticated and sexually mature audience and that is what we want,” says show director Lorilee Fedler, “Pamela is the perfect fit for our upscale VIP Lingerie party, as the host of the party she will bring the blend of glamour and sex appeal to our all inclusive event.

“Pamela's sex appeal is similar to that of Marilyn Monroe, which is why we decided to invite her to be the celebrity host for the party”, says Fedler, “we want a more upscale show, that is classy and sexy, having Pamela there will create the atmosphere that we are looking for.”

The VIP Lingerie Party is being held during the Miami Xposed Expo on Feb. 25-26, from 9-11p.m. Tickets are available at Miami.XposedExpo.com.