‘Love on the Menu’ Book Offers Recipes for Romance

Ariana Rodriguez
TORONTO — “Love on the Menu,” penned by author Linda Arsenault, is now available through BMS Enterprises.

Arsenault told XBIZ that she met with BMS Enterprises founder Stephen Bannister and his wife/business partner Aida and concluded that the company would be a good fit for the book’s distributor.

“I had a feeling they were genuine people, hard working and dedicated to their customers,” Arsenault said. “The books may be bought through me directly but the pricing would be the same as with BMS. It is going to be a very good seller for Christmas and Valentines Day.”

BMS Enterprises' PR rep Amanda Chen told XBIZ, :BMS is proud to support a fellow Canadian entrepreneur and I'm excited to experiment with one of the guilty pleasures - the naughty coffee indulgence!"

“Love on the Menu” was released two months ago. It is a cookbook containing sensual recipes for meals such as the Hot Beef Injection, Tuna Threesome and Hanky Panky Pork. The meals are prepared with aphrodisiac ingredients.

“It is definitely a cookbook that will sell mostly in sex shops because of its sensual look,” Arsenault said. “Bookstores are not comfortable selling it, which amazes me because it is more about sensuality than sex … although the content of the book leads you to sex.”

The book also includes a playlist of romantic songs to get couples in the mood, and a “Preludes” section containing recipes for massage oils, body paint, bubble bath and libido boosters.

"Overall, I think this book is an example of how sensuality governs so much of our dailiy lives," Chen said. "It always helps to add a little bit of sexy to the mundane tasks we perform day by day."

“Love on the Menu” also features erotic poetry, sensual photos and food and wine pairing, some of which are contributed by Arsenault’s collaborators.

The team behind “Love on the Menu” includes Alain Dumulong, the epicurean responsible for a portion of the book’s food wine pairings, art director Sonia Landry, chefs Marie-Helene Reid and Sara Coupry, photographer Rodolf Noel and translator Pina Broccoli Anaia.

The book is also available at LoveOnTheMenuCookbook.com.

To view a video on the making of “Love on the Menu,” click here.