Adult DVD Empire Announces New VOD-Only Site

Bob Johnson
WARRENDALE, PA — Leading online adult retailer Adult DVD Empire announced AdultEmpire its new VOD-only destination. “Adult Empire's goal is to provide the highest quality videos from a huge selection of adult studios on an easy to use website," the company said. "The site has been built around user interaction, as numerous usability tests were performed prior to launch, and constant tweaks to the site are being made based on customer experience and response."

As the site grows Adult DVD Empire said it plans to monitor feedback and work with customers to provide the ultimate VOD experience. One example of a feature that is a direct result of usability testing is the "search within results" search box that appears on list pages.

The company said, “This feature is the outcome of the user’s inclination to search once on a list page and being disappointed and confused that the search wasn’t further refining the results in front of them. Now every list on the website has a ‘search within results’ search box for users to drill into lists even deeper to find exactly what they are looking for.”

VOD user requests have also spawned other features including the ability to sort all lists by VOD type where a pay-per-minute customer can sort lists for bestselling titles, favorite studio or a preferred category tailoring their experience while streamlining results.

Adult Empire also boasts a customizable homepage where a user can choose which porn stars, studio and category to populate their homepage content giving users faster access to favorites and up-to-date information on those bestsellers, new releases and recent additions to Adult Empire.

Director of digital delivery, David Walter said, “We are excited and proud with what Adult Empire has become so far and will continue to listen to our customers to provide them with the features and experience they are seeking. We have many new features planned for the future such as the addition of mobile ready and high definition porn videos, but even those will be just the tip of the iceberg as we continue to add new features to the site every week and month.”