Coquette Launches New Company Branding

Ariana Rodriguez
CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — Coquette International presented its new branding to attendees of last week’s International Lingerie Show.

“We received great reception for our new branding, look and packaging at this year’s International Lingerie Show,” Coquette Vice President Marcus Horea said. “I think retailers are ready for something new and updated to introduce this coming year.”

Coquette also unveiled its newest 2011 Main Collection catalog, which will be fully released next month.

According to the company, the latest edition of ILS allowed Coquette to reflect upon 31 years of success. Peter and Catherine Horea founded coquette in 1979.

“Throughout the years the branding of Coquette has gone through many changes. From pink lips to red, from a basic font to a script font, our look as changed but our products remain the highest quality in the industry,” Horea said. “Now we have moved on to branding ourselves in a completely different and modern light which will attract existing and new customers alike.”

Coquette’s new logo will be fully integrated with all company operations by 2011, the company said.