Exotic Dancing Academy Opens

Madame Teazz

New York City, NY – NYC Exotic Dance Central is a training center that teaches the art of exotic dance to the general public and professional entertainers. They have recently introduced exotic pole dancing classes, the hottest new fitness craze that is sweeping across the nation, available for all people interested in getting a complete work-out, building self confidence and having fun at the same time.

Are you ready for an erotic workout? If you are, then you should realize that exotic pole dancing is great for fitness and toning, cardio-vascular and overall exercise, professional entertainment development, self expression, relaxation, confidence building, and more. Practitioners can improve their balance, poise, rhythm and social etiquette, while learning sexy dance and floor moves, enabling devotee’s to impress their partners - and have lots of fun while doing it!

Skyler Jade is the professional pole dancing teacher that has taken clubs across the United States by storm for over 6 years with her sensual, provocative and visually intoxicating stage and pole dancing performances. At the age of 20 when she started dancing exotic, she immediately took to the pole like a school girl climbing the high monkey bars in the playground with no fear!

Even then she exemplified the great poise and skill that made other dancers with more experience watch in awe, and later many tried to duplicate her techniques. At 5'4, and 120lbs Skyler Jade smoothly slides down and clings to the pole like a snake, while gliding at top speed like a bird in flight. This phenomenal dancer has definitely made her presence known as one of the most fierce exotic pole dancers in the entertainment industry by competing in many worldwide competitions.

Now, at the height of her career, she has now been given the opportunity to teach her skills to other entertainers and anyone else willing to learn. With a limit of twelve students per class, one on one attention is assured.

For more information, please visit the NYC Exotic Dance Central Website.