Lee Roy Myers, Capitol Entertainment Agency Announce 1st Film

Bob Johnson
WASHINGTON — Veteran director Lee Roy Myers and new studio Capitol Entertainment Agency (CEA) have announced pre-production on the team’s first release, “Here Cums The President.”

Shooting on the feature, that's described as a “historically accurate film parodying the sexual deviance of some the most well-known U.S. presidents" is set to begin in Los Angeles in October.

The cast includes Lisa Ann, Jenna Haze, Asa Akira, Marie Luv, Jenny Hendrix and XBIZ Awards 2010 Female Performer of the Year winner Tori Black.

The movie will be co-directed by Ronald Raygun, who also penned the script and cinematographer, Dr. Philgood, both of whom were part of the of the creative force behind the “Seinfeld,” “The Big Lebowski” and “The Office” parodies, according to the producers.

“I was contacted by Mr. A and Mr. B, the owners of CEA, and they told me that they have one of the funniest porn scripts that I will ever read and that they wanted me to make it, and make it big. I read it and called them back immediately and told them I would definitely do it. These guys mean business. They spared no expense for cast, crew, costumes and sets. They are even making sure that ‘Here Cums The President’ — pardon the choice of words — is filled with anal sex,” said Myers.

The director added, “I think that everybody is going to be shocked with how deep we are going to have the Presidents dig.”

“We are really excited to be working with an all-star cast as well as Lee Roy Myers and Dr. Philgood,” said Mr. A.

Mr. B added, “Capitol Entertainment Agency is a new company specializing in the funniest, most controversial and sexiest hardcore adult films you will ever see. Our goal is to have the biggest and best cast, directors, and film crew so that CEA can show people a whole new side of adult movies.”

Capitol Entertainment Agency can be followed on Twitter.