ILS Winds Down

Ariana Rodriguez
LAS VEGAS — On the last day of the International Lingerie Show, exhibitors saw a steady flow of buyers.

Punk-inspired hair dye, makeup and accessories brand Manic Panic exhibited at ILS for the first time after being in business for more than 30 years. As classic punk music blared from her booth, pink-haired company owner Tish Bellomo told XBIZ that she plans to return.

“Manic Panic usually does beauty trade shows, but I’m glad I came to ILS,” she said, “The show organizers have been really nice to me and very accommodating.”

Fantasy Lingerie owner Mike Savage showed off the company’s latest releases, which included a holiday catalog that focused on Christmas and Valentine’s Day, as well as a new full line of hanging lingerie pieces.

“It’s been a good show,” Savage said. “The cool thing is that you really only need to meet one or two customers that will really make the show worthwhile; and it’s great that the aisles aren’t cluttered with just a bunch of lookie loos so the real buyers can walk through with ease."

New Sensations Novelties presented the company’s Bzzz Buddies line of vibes featuring anime-inspired cartoon characters, which will be ready to be shipped in November, New Sensations President Scott Taylor said. To be more mainstream-friendly, the Bzzz Buddies line shed its New Sensations Novelties branding on the packaging through the course of production.

Taylor said ILS attendees welcomed the Bzzz Buddies line with lots of interest, including from a mainstream drugstore chain. While he continues to grow the Bzzz Buddies range, Taylor said new designs are in the works and offered visitors a preview of a new red devil-themed egg vibe.

As exhibitors begin to tear down booths and displays, many discussed plans for the next edition of ILS coming in the spring.