Edgy Newcomers Debut at ILS

Ariana Rodriguez
LAS VEGAS — A slew of new companies are taking advantage of today’s International Lingerie Show to get their feet wet in adult with sexy new products.

Juicy Lickers launched six weeks ago as a manufacturer of sexy, lickable tattoos with the slogan “lick it, stick it … lick it again.”

“We’ve met a lot of great people at ILS and have gotten great feedback as well as advice on how to grow our business,” Rachel of Juicy Lickers told XBIZ. “It’s very helpful because they once were in our position as newcomers.”

Rachel said that she attributes the product’s sweet, desirable taste to the company having started out as a candy manufacturer. She said that Juicy Lickers has started establishing brand awareness with various club and bar events attended by the Juicy Licker Girls, where the tattoos and alcohol can complement each other through body shots.

Juicy Lickers edible tattoos are available in cherry and strawberry flavors with additional tastes and colors in the works.

After three years of going through the motions to patent the technology used to produce a range of hosiery featuring realistic tattoo designs, COMMANDhOSE owner Randy Altig and his team are showcasing their product range at ILS after eight months on the market.

Altig told XBIZ that the COMMANDhOSE line was inspired by the faulty economy.

“When the economy is down, there are two things women will buy — lipstick and hosiery,” he said. “We wanted to offer women an affordable fashion accessory and the option to wear a tattoo without the pain and commitment.”

The thigh-high stocking collection feature 23 designs, with additional themed designs in the works, that are all hand-drawn by a tattoo artist. As opposed to competing brands, Altig said COMMANDhOSE is more realistic by focusing on details that characterize real tattoos, such as fading and various shades of colors.

My Desire City launched a little over a year ago with a desire to promote safe sex among today’s youth, Christine Chow told XBIZ.

“I get several emails from people that are concerned with the way the media portrays sex among teens, like ‘The Secret Life of an American Teenager’ on a family cable channel,” Chow said. “It’s dramatized and we just want to offer a fun, positive alternative.”

The company’s condom line “OOO” uses fashionable, urban-style packaging to attract shopper’s attention and are sold at various boutiques, Chow said. My Desire City also offers a range of T-shirts with pockets specifically for condoms that incorporate humorous sayings and imagery promoting safe sex.

Creative Imaginations made their first appearance at this year’s International Lingerie Show with another positive message - battling cancer. The company’s brand of F*ck Cancer apparel, which benefits the Huntington Beach, Calif.-based nonprofit organization FC Cancer Foundation to raise money for various cancer research programs.

Jack Behlmer of Creative Imaginations said the FC was established by a friend, Brandon McGuiness, who died of cancer at the age of 26. A series of grassroots promotional events has put the brand on the radar as an edgy, hip way to support a cause, particularly among men, the company said.

X-Rock, manufacturer of a new three-day male enhancement pill, launched about eight months ago and debuted at ILS.

X-Rock CEO AJ Alacan told XBIZ that his brand stands out amongst the rest as an all-natural supplement that features a proprietary formula that is not privately labeled.

“We gotten such great testimonials from people that have tried our product,” Alacan said. “The way it works is the first day is uncontrollable and then winds down throughout the following two days.”

Alacan said the company will soon roll out a nationwide TV commercial that will air on several cable channels.