Wasteland, Bijou Theatre Debut TribalMale

Lyla Katz
BOSTON — The operators of Wasteland.com and the Bijou Theatre in Chicago have announced the launch of TribalMale.com and its addition to the SpiceCash affiliate program.

The companies said TribalMale.com is an online subscription commerce site featuring gay BDSM classics owned by the libraries of the Bijou Theatre and Bijou Video.

Bijou was founded Steven Toushin, who has been operating continuously since 1969 as a sex-positive gay erotica resource for local Chicago men as well as for customers seeking classic gay erotic video worldwide.

The companies said the depth and authenticity of the content within TribalMale.com features videos, consumer lifestyle, reference information and rare gay hardcore erotic audio recordings.

TribalMale.com is operated and managed by the team at Wasteland.com, which specializes in BDSM and the BDSM communities.

“We have looked for almost 15 years at what a gay-centric Wasteland experience would require and had not seen any suitable classic and edgy resource for the right content or a more legendary gay market brand to connect with until we were introduced to Steven Toushin," Wasteland President Colin Rowntree said.

"It was apparent from the start that working with Bijou’s library of classic gay porn titles, including many which cater to the gay male interest in BDSM and fetish play would mesh well with our experience in the creation and promotion of specialty paysites for a combined venture.”

TribalMale.com is available for affiliate promotion exclusively as part of the SpiceCash.com affiliate network.