Simply Blown Set to Exhibit at ILS

LAS VEGAS — Simply Blown is gearing up to exhibit at the International Lingerie Show that starts today and continues through Wednesday at the Rio Hotel.

The show is the largest lingerie show held in the United States and is free to attend for qualified buyers. Buyers come from all over the world to see the show and purchase their fall lines.

On the heels of the success of “The Lover,” the company’s fine glassware has recently expanded into European markets.

The company said the graceful lines and polished, innovative design of the Simply Blown products has caught the attention of several in the industry.

“I like the texture ‘cause it feels like silk, it's hard to believe that it's glass," performer Daisy Layne said. "The Siamese was easy for me to use and fun for my partner, the curvature was perfect as I didn't have to stay in one position and it felt amazing."

Founder and artist Scott Slagerman remarked, “I’m excited by the reception of our product by everyone in the industry and we will continue to bring fine art into the lingerie world."

"The Lover” and and the textured “Shiver” are available along with other products at the company's website,