Roku Introduces 3 New Set-Top Boxes

Lyla Katz
SARATOGA, Calif. — Roku announced this week the release of three new set-top boxes, which according to the company, are cheaper, smaller and perform better than their predecessors.

The new Roku HD will sell for $60, the Roku XD will sell for $80 and the Roku XDS will sell for $100.

On the lower end, the HD offers 720p streaming with wired and wireless connectivity. The device is similar to Roku’s HD box from 2009, but it’s in a smaller 1 inch by 5 inch case. The HD has composite and HDMI outputs.

It also has built in WiFi and the ability to access Roku’s full catalog of streaming services.

The XD and XDS boast a 1080p output over HDMI and 802.11n capabilities. The XDS takes it up a step further, by making that wireless N technology dual-band and adding a component out, optical audio out and USB port.

The XD and XDS also add a new feature called Instant Replay. With the touch of a button, users will be able to skip back seven seconds in the video their streaming without the need to buffer or load it again.

All three players are available now.