Nikki Benz Gets Xtreme Magazine Cover, Performs in Toronto

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Nikki Benz is featured on the cover of Xtreme Magazine along with an in-depth interview inside the magazine.

Benz talks about various topics from her early days in the industry, to her career as a feature dancer, to deeper issues such as sex, love and the future of adult industry.

“It is a great read for my fans,” Benz said. “They really did a good job of asking questions about the industry and also deeper, more personal questions. They made me feel really comfortable and I answered them all. People will be happy with this interview and with the level of answers.”

Benz also is currently doing a four-night dance gig in Toronto at Treasures Night Club. She will take the stage for two shows nightly.

“I’ve specifically had new custom outfits made for this booking,” Benz said. “It’s a big deal for me and my fans to have me come feature dance in my home town! I grew up in Toronto and I have a huge fan base there. My Canadian fans are amazing and I appreciate their support!”