Calvista Now Distributing Rocks-Off

Ariana Rodriguez
MELBOURNE, Australia — Calvista Australia has added the entire Rocks-Off range to its lineup.

“This is a great addition to the Calvista range, until recently we’ve only been able to offer the Australian market a limited range of Rocks-Off product,” Calvista CEO Michael Bassett said. “Now we’re handling the full range in depth, we can really put some resources behind this brand and get this great product out into the broad market.”

Rocks-Off launched into the worldwide adult market with the release of the Rock-Chick, a hands-free vibrator made from medical grade silicone.

Rocks-Off also offers the Groovy-Chick, Ramsey Rabbit, The Lick, Ass-Berries, Slinky Pinky and Finger Tingles. Ramsey Rabbit, the Lick and Ass-Berries. All of Rocks-Off products are made from IntraMed material, making them hypoallergenic, and are powered by the company’s RO-80mm bullet.

The men’s range of products from Rocks-Off includes the Rude-Boy, Bad-Boy, Naughty-Boy and Cheeky-Boy, all providing prostate and perineum stimulation, hands-free.