Lucas Entertainment Grabs 12 HustlaBall Award Noms

NEW YORK — Lucas Entertainment has been nominated for 12 HustlaBall Awards.

Among the nominees are Lucas Entertainment exclusives Jonathan Agassi, Wilfried Knight and Michael Lucas.

Titles with nominations include Men of Israel and Inside Israel. Nominations were based on titles released throughout 2009 and early 2010.

“I’m honored to have our work recognized by HustlaBall,” said Michael Lucas, Lucas Entertainment president and CEO.

“Europe is an essential part of our business on many levels. Numerous cities, including London, Paris, Barcelona, Budapest, Prague, Moscow and now Berlin have served as a backdrop for my productions and we have a very strong and loyal fan base throughout Europe.”

Winners will be announced on Oct. 22 at HustlaBall Berlin. The event will be held at the KitKatClub Berlin, located at Koepenicker Strasse 76 in Berlin, Germany.