Spankmo Introduces Android Homescreen Widgets

CYBERSPACE — Spankmo Mobile has introduced new homescreen widgets for Android devices, which alert surfers to content updates from their favorite sites, encouraging repeat visits.

The widgets include thumbnail images of new content, update automatically and feature a "SFW" option that doesn't display explicit content until the user chooses to see it.

"We decided to take a different approach, and offer something of value for our sites and their visitors,” Spankmo co-founder Alan Westenbroek said. "Our widgets live on the users' homescreens, offer them real-time updates of content that interests them, and have one-tap access to the join page."

The new Spankmo widgets will be pushed to site visitors on Android devices and also available in the Android Market worldwide beginning Sept. 25. They're free to download and Spankmo will be offering a sneak preview at The Barcelona Summit, the company said.

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