TVX Ordered to Pay $130,000

Lyla Katz
TAMPA — A federal court this week awarded Lara Jade Coton nearly $130, 000 in damages for copyright infringement, misappropriation of her image and damages to her reputation in her case against TVX and its president Bob Burge.

The court found that Jade suffered personal and professional humiliation, harm to her career and damages to her physical health when Burge used her image in the re-released 1982 adult film “Body Magic.”

U.S. District Judge Thomas Wilson, in his order, described the conduct of Burge and his company, TVX, as “morally wrong and tortuous.”

The harm suffered by Coton also was compounded, according to Wilson, by Burge’s “offensive and belittling” treatment of her after the misuse of her photograph was discovered.

“Everything I wanted to accomplish through this legal action has now come to pass,” Coton said. “I defended my intellectual property rights in my work as well as my personal character and professional reputation.”

The court’s decision is a complete vindication of Coton’s personal and professional reputations, Coton’s attorney Richard Harrison said.

“Be prepared to get sued and be prepared to lose. Copyright infringement can be an expensive proposition,” he said.

Burge was immediately unavailable for comment by post time.