Treasure Island Reports Sucess With Pirate Amnesty Offer

SAN FRANCISCO — Treasure Island Media has reported success with its pirate amnesty program , which was offered on the movie "What I Can't See 2."

According to the company, in the past week alone, Treasure Island Media has sold 7,500 copies — more than 1,000 copies a day — of the 2006 title.

Instead of trying to shut down streaming and download sites, Treasure Island Media reached out to the community.

"We’re not just embracing the future. We’re assfucking it," said Paul Morris, founder and owner of T.I.M. "There's more than enough pleasure to go around. I want my porn in the hands of as many men as possible."

Porn connoisseurs can get "What I Can't See 2" pirate amnesty edition for $10 for the download-to-own version or $15 for the DVD.

The company said participation and positive responses have come from all corners, from long-time fans to T.I.M. virgins, from filesharers and loyal customers alike. "OK, I just bought the $10 download version," said a member of pirate breeding ground "They're cool enough not to press charges, so I say support them!”

Treasure Island Media's pirate amnesty event runs until Sept 19.