MyGayCash Goes Mobile

MONTREAL — MyGayCash announced today that Collin O’Neal’s WorldOfMen has gone mobile.

The company said webmasters can now convert their traffic on all mobile platforms including the new iPad launched earlier this year by Apple.

‘’We have had very positive comments from webmasters concerning the various ways in which they can now convert their traffic on our platform," said Roger McMan, managing partner at MyGayCash.

"Webmasters have the opportunity to convert with memberships, DVD sales and now just launched today, a mobile platform. We also are in process of changing the design for each of our properties to allow for the same features.’’

The company said new members signing via the mobile platform will see more membership options. These include a mobile subscription on telephone devices, the ability to purchase a mobile membership only or complete access to the site from both the computer or the mobile device.

‘’Our team is hard at work to redesign the remaining sites to allow for the same signup features WorldOfMen has," said Bianca MGC, managing partner with MyGayCash . "In the redesign, we are also making sure that there is room for our next signup features to be announced shortly. Conversion rates are better as consumers have more choices now."

MyGayCash also is offering a variety of marketing tools for webmasters including hosted blogs, RSS feeds, tube tools and a collection of free content.

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