'The Human Sexipede' Parody Receiving Mainstream Attention

Bob Johnson
VAN NUYS, Calif. — Porn horror film “The Human Sexipede” is grabbing attention from a number of mainstream outlets according to the film’s producers.

The Tom Byron Picture's film, directed by veteran Lee Roy Myers, released a trailer last week that has sparked media buzz from outlets including New York Magazine, Spike and Z100 radio.

“These media outlets are marking the convergence of mainstream and adult outlets," the producers said. "Renowned movie bloggers and reviewers such as Harry Knowles (writer of AintItCoolNews.com) are giving ‘The Human Sexipede’ their professional unbiased touch. With adult film stars being featured in television shows and movies, barriers have been taken down. Now, with movies like ‘The Human Sexipede’ being reviewed by mainstream outlets, we can see a glimpse of a larger public acceptance of a once highly censored taboo.”

When asked if he was aware of the parody of his movie “The Human Centipede,” director Tom Six said, “Yes I know of this, it is called ‘The Human Sexipede’ and it means we are now one of the big boys. When the porn guys copy you it is good — have you seen the poster?”

Not only is Six partially crediting the parody marking a point of success for “The Human Centipede,” but he will also be speaking with Lee Roy Myers and Tom Byron in an interview in the near future.

“I am very excited to speak with Tom Six,” Myers said. "‘The Human Centipede’ has created a new limit of shock in movies and ‘The Human Sexipede’ is a tribute to that.”

Producer Byron added, “Thank you to all the fans who are supporting us right now. Hearing us on Z100 and reading all of the articles, which are surprisingly positive, is more than we expected. Of course we knew ‘The Human Sexipede’ would be controversial and cause a buzz, but no one could have expected a mainstream morning radio show as big as The Z Morning Zoo to be involved. Hopefully we get coverage on Tosh.0, that show is just outrageous.”

Fans can help get the film reviewed on Tosh.0 by leaving a comment here.

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