Austin Named Most Sexually Active U.S. City

Ariana Rodriguez
AUSTIN — Based on condom and sex toy sales, as well as birth rates and STDs, the city of Austin ranks No. 1 on Men’s Health magazine’s list of the 100 most sexually active U.S. city.

As the birthplace of the Fleshlight brand of masturbators, the company told XBIZ it is not surprised that it was named the “Capital of Copulation.”

“Austin is a very liberal city and the most sexually active city in America fits,” said Daniel Pacheco, manager of Fleshlight’s affiliate program FNCash, noting Art Erotica, Carnaval and Eeyore’s Birthday as adult-related events that are held regularly in Austin.

Fleshlight also can take credit for fueling Austin’s sexual voraciousness with its products and porn star spokesmodels.

“Since Fleshlight is a local company, we heavily brand ourself in the Austin area including clubs, bars and by sponsorships,” Pacheco said. “When we bring porn stars to the city for a photo shoot, we take them out and they're recognized by many of their Austin fans.”

Phil Dutra, Fleshlight wholesale account manager, said that most of the novelty retailers in Austin carry Fleshlight products and their popularity has spread amongst other types of retailers.

“Other venues, including head shops, are constantly approaching us to carry our products,” he said.

Texas dominates the list’s top 10 spots with Dallas coming in second, Arlington in seventh place and Houston as No. 10. Bottoming the list is Portland, Maine, at No. 100.