pjur med Featured on CNN International

Ariana Rodriguez
WASSERBILLIG, Luxemburg — A CNN report about the El Asira online sexual well-being retail store, which targets Muslim couples, features pjur med as one of the site’s Shariah-compliant products.

Abdelaziz Aouragh, the entrepreneur behind El Asira, told CNN that his online shop falls in line with Muslim beliefs by carrying products designed for the discerning customers that want to invest in sexual health without being faced with graphic images.

pjur med is Pjur Group’s German-manufactured line of products that are formulated with medical-grade ingredients and natural components. The line is dermatologist-tested and certified safe for daily use.

According to the company, pjur is currently in negotiations with the operators of El Asira to establish the distribution of pjur med products in online shops and stores in the Middle East and North Africa.

“Due to the existing demand on the market and the current sales success, this is a promising project, which also meets on huge media interest,” the company said.