WorldOfMen Presents Scene With Joao Pauzao, Collin O'Neal

MIAMI — After a ten-year absence, Brazilian star Joao Pauzao returns to porn, performing a scene with Collin O’Neal on

“I have known Joao now for more than 10 years and I am just as amazed now by his sexy face, body and big fat real beer-can-thick dick now as I was then,” O’Neal said.

O’Neal said it was tough getting Pauzao to do a scene for him.

“At first I did not care if I captured him on film, but after a few days I really thought it would be great to show him again to his fans after 10 years of not being in porn,” O’Neal said.

Joao does have one of the most iconic cocks to be seen on film, so I had to do something with it! When a man does not change much in 10 years I feel as though I really need to celebrate their success in keeping their youth as Joao has.”

The scene can be viewed here.