Sensuva Introduces New Female Arousal Oil 'On'

Dan Miller
LOS ANGELES — Adult industry veteran Joey Wilson has partnered with health and wellness experts Ron Anderson and Patty Callahan to launch On, an all-natural arousal oil for women that is being exclusively distributed by Sensuva.

On, a product one year in the making that is hitting store shelves this month, is a proprietary blend of unique essential oils that creates a powerful sensation some women say is unlike any other. A one or two-drop application of the menthol-free oil to the clitoris causes a warm, tingling feeling that increases a woman's desire to have sex.

“You’re horny,” Callahan said. “It makes you want to have an orgasm.”

Wilson, who is also president of Third Degree Films, said he and his partners introduced the product at the Adult Novelty Manufacturer’s Expo in July. Once word began to spread throughout the Expo about On, Wilson said “people were coming over in droves.”

To test the effects of the oil on a woman’s genitalia, Wilson & Co. asked people to put a dab of it on the inside of their bottom lip.

“It reaches the mucosa membrane, and you wait a few minutes and you begin to have a pulsating, electrifying feel,” Wilson said. Another test of On’s power to “flip a switch” is to put a drop on the tip of the tongue. Some have compared the sensation it generates to that of a 9-volt battery.

“It doesn’t over-stimulate you. It’s like you’ve already been having sex,” said Callahan, who has test-marketed On to dozens of women of varying ages. “You experience a lot of vaginal lubrication immediately.”

She continued, “The stimulation lasts for 30 to 45 minutes. You ride a wave with it.”

Callahan said women using the product have consistently reported “quicker, better and stronger orgasms.”

“Because you’re so clitorally stimulated that vaginally you’re very ready to have an orgasm,” she told XBIZ. “This isn’t like some of the other products that do something for you, and then there’s the crash. The big difference is that wave, it keeps you there. It’s a more heightened feeling, but you’re not overly stimulated. That combo is so hard to get.”

Anderson has known Wilson for 15 years and brought his rich background in cosmetic skin care to Sensuva, which is based in Valencia, Calif. Anderson already manufactures a complete line of wellness products called VieNue that are available in drugstores and pharmacies across the country. He said On is "100 percent natural."

“It isn’t a chemical compound,” Anderson said. “There is no cooling sensation. It’s not water-based. It’s gel quality. It doesn’t drip.”

Anderson told XBIZ they took extra care to create a formula that is even pleasant to taste. “It’s a cinnamon and ginger type of taste,” he said, adding that it is completely safe if consumed. “You could drink the whole bottle and nothing would happen.”

Callahan explained that some women have experienced positive results from applying On about an hour before sexual activity, while others have actually applied it in the morning before they go to work, keeping them in the mood until they get home.

The dosage is no more than two drops; for the beginner, just a drop is recommended. There are 50 applications in one bottle, and Sensuva’s point-of-purchase counter display holds 12 bottles.

“A girl can put it in her purse and no one has an idea what it is,” Wilson said.

Sensuva also has plans to release a single-dose clam-shell package of On, as well as other related products in the coming months.

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