Treasure Island Offers Pirate Amnesty Version of Movie

SAN FRANCISCO — Treasure Island Media owner and founder Paul Morris has offered a pirate amnesty version of "What I Can't See 2."

Morris said when he heard that the movie had 3.5 million illegal views on tube sites over the past three months alone, he decided to create a pirate amnesty edition, which is a newly remastered HD version of the movie with bonus tracks.

It will be available Sept. 2-19 in download-to-own format for $10. The DVD is $15.

"At those prices, even the crustiest pirates can afford a bona fide copy and everyone who joins in, whether they're a pirate or not, will be assuring that I'll keep producing the best porn in the world," Morris said.

"Freedom of expression has always been one of our guiding principles," he added. "I live to support the open exchange of intellectual and artistic ideas. And I'm doing my part to make sure everyone has as much great porn as possible."

"We've always been a renegade company," T.I.M. general manager Matt Mason added, a reference to the controversy the studio continues to stir up over bareback porn. "We're not afraid of trying new things. The idea here, and the ideal, is to create a win/win situation for everyone."