TotemCash Sites Now WebsiteSecure Certified

Lyla Katz
PARIS — TotemCash has announced that its three sites, VirtuaGirl, DeskBabes and VirtuaGuy are now certified through

"The VirtuaGirl site isn't like most other porn sites because it includes very high quality shows which display in a unique way,” said Rex of TotemCash.

"The great news is that our product cannot be tubed and has remained a rare collectable for our fans who eagerly access new updates and either subscribe for monthly service or purchase individual performances on an a la carte basis. However, because our product requires downloading an executable file we have always worked hard to gain the trust of new visitors who are cautious about trying new things. Adding certification is an excellent decision and our own stats confirm that sales have improved as a direct result of becoming certified.”

The company says the VirtuaGirl site was already backed by several third-party verification services, but with the certification of, the company says consumers will know that the site purchase process is being managed in an ethical way.

“ uses a variety of methods to inspect paysites,” said Stewart of WebsiteSecure.

“Terms of service inspections, test-joins and cancels, privacy policy review, join form interrogation and continued monitoring allow us to provide the greatest possible level of assurance for potential customers who are interested in buying a product or service online with the additional security of an impartial inspector.”

TotemCash said it tried WebsiteSecure on VirtuaGirl first and saw a significant increase.

"We were also happy to see major review sites like TheBestPorn, AdultReviews and TheTongue reporting that our site was now certified — so we quickly added it on our other sites DeskBabes and VirtuaGuy with excellent results as well. The seals earn more than they cost and also show our company is focused on providing the best possible user experience for fans and affiliates,” Rex said.