Vanessa Blue Streets 'Cum on Me POV'

LOS ANGELES — Vanessa Blue has released her most recent movie from Justin Slayer International, "Cum on Me POV."

According to the company, the movie features blow jobs, foot jobs, hand jobs, pussy play, titty jobs and other material.

The film is shot from Blue's own perspective. It contains 10 scenes including four scenes with Blue.

"Fans love this movie," Blue said. "Based on early orders, this is the best selling DVD I have released under the Justin Slayer International label."

"I don't think anyone has done a movie like this before," Blue said. "I loved being able to blast some of the newest and freshest faces with my own spooge. This movie is my POV penis envy fetish fantasy! I want to thank Spare Parts Hardware for sponsoring my fantasy and providing the harnesses for my strap-on. They make, by far, the best harness I have ever worn! "

"Cum on Me POV" stars Samantha Jayne, Royce Rae, Micha James, Cherry Devine, Brooke Williams, Italy Rose, Jasmine, Kya Tropic, Vanessa Blue and Luxury Amore in a special interactive feature only on the DVD.

The movie "Clevage" is expected to hit shelves in September. It stars Carmen Hayes, Alisha Madison, Stacy Adams, Aryana Adin and Luxury Amore.

"'Cleavage' is my homage to big black boobs and all the fans that love them," Blue said.

And in October, Blue will be releasing "Vanessa Blue Live" with more than three hours of nothing but solo Blue scenes.

Blue also returns to her roots with a new, yet untitled cat fight release that stars Blue, Michelle Mclaren, Deja, Gianna Michaels as well as other girls.

"Fans will love my cat fight with Gianna, we have never worked together before so this scene is one of a kind," Blue said.

"Cum on Me POV" is in stores now.