Launches New Content Series

Ariana Rodriguez
LOS ANGELES — has launched two new content series that include top lists of sex toys, as well as a series of correlations graphs based on the company’s sales.

The new content series was established to provide a fun way to look at the world of sex toys while giving customers and industry analysts interesting editorial information on sex toys as well as the adult toy industry, the company said.

“I’m extremely excited by this new content series we’ve produced because they’re not only interesting, but also entertaining,” CEO Sex Toy Dave said. “The first of the content series is organized into top 10 lists based on sex toys. These lists are somewhat tongue in cheek like our ‘top 10 lists of sex toys you can use to accent your home.’

“The second set of content is sales data graphs from itself. We take a look at events that happen around the world and we show how they affect our sales data in a line graph. Did you know that toy cleaner sales increased in Louisiana during the BP oil spill? Correlation does not imply causation, but facts like this can be interesting.”