Suspect in Boy’s Rape Arrested in Oklahoma

Kat Khan
RICHMOND, Calif. - Oklahoma authorities on Dec. 28 arrested former Richmond resident Genevieve Elise Silva, a porn actress accused of engaging a 15-year-old boy with sex and drugs last summer.

Silva, 20, was arrested by Kiowa County sheriff's deputies at about 9 a.m. at a house in Roosevelt, Okla., Richmond detective Sgt. Mitch Peixoto said. He added that Richmond police were aware of her place of residence, but extradition issues with local authorities delayed the arrest.

Silva was sought on a $10,000 arrest warrant on suspicion of rape using a controlled substance, statutory rape and detaining or concealing a child. An extradition hearing in an Oklahoma court was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

"Because his victimization involved sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, people have varying opinions about how seriously this child was victimized," Richmond Lt. Mark Gagan said. "This is a 15-year-old who has lost 40 pounds and spent Christmas at a drug rehabilitation center far from his family. This is not what we want for our [teenagers]."

Police learned of the case after the victim's father found him and checked him into an out-of-state drug rehabilitation facility, where he began talking about his experiences. Silva’s younger brother reportedly introduced her to the boy, who said he began a sexual relationship with Silva after he ran away from his home in El Sobrante, Calif., and went to live with her in Richmond in June. Silva and the boy then left California to stay with her mother, Rhonda Silva, in Roosevelt, Okla.

The boy said he and Silva frequently had sex while under the influence of methamphetamine and ecstasy, which Silva supplied. Investigators are still unsure of Rhonda Silva's role in the case.

While investigating the case, police learned that Silva had performed in several X-rated movies sold on the Internet, including “Legal At Last,” "Limelight Girls" and “Dirty Debutantes.” Images of her also are featured on several adult websites.