NicheWealth Launches JustPornoMobile White Label Site

CYBERSPACE — NicheWealth has launched a white label mobile site, JustPornoMobile.

The company said its webmasters have been asking us for a mobile platform to monetize this hugely growing sector of traffic.

"With our new white label builder it can't get any simpler. You can literally be sending your mobile traffic to us in minutes with the simple addition of some code to your existing sites.

Webmasters can customize the look and feel of the site by choosing any niche they want to feature and select from 12 different skins with the option to send to $1 or $4.99 tour versions," the company stated.

JustPornoMobile delivers movies that have been encoded to being more "data friendly" on file sizes, a popular user request.

The company said JustPornoMobile has been posting excellent traffic numbers throughout its testing.