Law OK'd to Regulate Adult Businesses

Kat Khan
LEXINGTON, Ill. — Citing a need to protect property values, public health and public safety, the Lexington City Council has passed an ordinance regulating how and where a sexually oriented business can operate in the city.

Lexington Mayor John Mohr said the ordinance does not prevent someone from opening an adult establishment, but “it does establish guidelines.”

"This (ordinance) makes sure that that no one person can prevent or allow such a business," said Mohr.

There are no businesses in this category in Lexington and no requests to start one are pending.

The new ordinance, modeled after an ordinance implemented in Normal, Ill., requires a sexually oriented business to present a proposal to the fire and police departments and the zoning board. Each department must approve the proposal before the city council reviews and approves it.

The ordinance is intended to ensure that the mayor isn't held solely responsible for any political fallout for denying or allowing the business based on personal moral convictions. Mohr said the city council has considered the issue for years.