Astroglide Golden Ticket Contest Winners Announced

Ariana Rodriguez
VISTA, Calif. — Paradise Marketing and Astroglide have announced multiple $100 giveaway winners during the Astroglide Golden Ticket Giveaway which debuted July 1.

All product ordered before Aug. 30 has the chance of featuring one of many golden tickets worth a $100 American Express Gift Card.

Each carton of the brand’s best-selling varieties — original Astroglide, Astroglide X Premium Silicone, Astroglide Strawberry, Astroglide Glycerin and Paraben-Free, Astroglide Warming and Astroglide Natural — is labeled with a Golden Ticket sticker. If the sticker is a winner, the shopper can redeem it for the $100 card.

“We’ve already had several winners redeem their prizes,” Paradise Marketing CEO Dennis Paradise said. “And we can say the stores that have so far sold winning tickets include some of the top adult novelty chains in the country, and we’ll continue shipping winning tickets until inventory is depleted. We’ll be hearing from new winners for at least the next few months!”

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