Treasure Island Documentary Set to Screen at Israeli GLBT Festival

Bob Johnson
SAN FRANCISCO – A documentary about gay studio Treasure Island Media (T.I.M) is set for a screening at the 2011 Tel Aviv GLBT International Film Festival in Israel.

The film – “Ryan Sullivan's Island” – is billed as an expose of T.I.M and produced by Sullivan, a 25-year-old filmmaker.

"I never imagined this kind of success when I got the idea to do this," said Sullivan, who began “Island” as a personal project, seeking to understand his estranged brother. That path led him to porn studio T.I.M, which became bound up inextricably with Sullivan's journey.

"I've been accused of selling my soul to [T.I.M. owner] Paul Morris, but that's not the case," Sullivan said. "Not exactly, anyway. Mr. Morris is definitely the primary influence in my life right now. But I'm still my own man and this is my story."

Sullivan’s work has led to a global audience and high critical praise. In addition to TLVFest, “Island" has been accepted into both the Berlin and Hamburg porn film festivals.

Sullivan plans to attend the Berlin festival in late October, his first public appearance. Earlier this year the movie also captured the attention of France's leading cultural critics when it was given a special screening at the Paris Porn Film Festival. The documentary had its festival debut last year at Mix Film Festival Brazil.

Sullivan said French critics have compared his work to that of a young Godard.

The DVD release of “Island” is scheduled for later this year, bundled with Treasure Island Media's “What I Can't See 3.”

More information from Ryan Sullivan's Island.